What we do

We always work under the guiding principle “Begin with the end in mind”.

For our inventor clients, we identify ambitious end goals that speak to true medical needs and have significant market potential. We outline a path forward towards that goal and point out opportunities and risks, with respect to science and to the market, and develop mitigation strategies. We create the tools to persuade investors and pharmaceutical companies to buy into the project and assist with the entire partnering process, from initial outreach through negotiation of the transaction, to signing the contract.

For our investor, board, and management clients, we provide an independent assessment of the value, opportunities and risks associated with specific projects or whole portfolios.  We will also seek out and assess novel indications for their projects, to maximize their value.

For our pharmaceutical and investor clients, we seek out and evaluate investment and partnering opportunities in Europe, with an unrivalled comprehension of the Northern European landscape.

We tailor our offering to the needs of the client, whether a full package or specific tasks are required.

We work independently or hand-in-hand with our clients as best fits their needs.